Our Suppliers

Candleberry Candles

Maker of the original Hot Maple Toddy and Kentucky Bourbon candles

The Candleberry Company® prides itself upon having what we consider to be the finest candle on the market.

Citizen Watches

Since its foundation in 1930, CITIZEN has promoted a multi-cultural mindset that fosters excellence and creativity. The very name of the brand conveys a deep respect toward craftsmanship and considered as familiar by citizens the world-over.

DRS Jewelry

DRS is an organization specializing in jewelry Findings, Tools For The Jeweler & Watchmaker, Fraternal & Masonic Jewelry, and Medical Jewlery.


FIESTA®, America's favorite dinnerware, was introduced by The Homer Laughlin China Company with great fanfare at the Pittsburgh China & Glass Show in January, 1936.

Fossil Watches

Founded in 1984, the Fossil brand was the springboard for everything the company has become for more than a quarter of a century. Fossil prides itself on its commitment to American vintage inspiration.


Lenox is America's leading tabletop and giftware brand. Lenox shares a passion for design and style with those who love to entertain and celebrate with family and friends.

MMA Silver

For more than 35 years, MMA International/Silver Stars has been committed to serving retail jewelers across the United States and worldwide. Our goal is to be your favorite supplier of sterling silver and fashion jewelry.


Noritake is an acknowledged leader in tableware manufacturing and marketing with subsidiaries, factories and affiliates around the world.

Rembrandt Charms

The world's largest charm collection.

Rembrandt Charms is world-renowned for superb craftsmanship and a stunning collection featuring thousands of charm styles. Only Rembrandt has earned the title, The World's Largest Charm Collection by offering each charm style in five different precious metals: sterling silver, gold plate, 10k yellow gold, and 14k yellow and white gold.


Since being established in 1881, Seiko has contributed to society with one revolutionary product after another - starting with the production of Japan's first wristwatch in 1913 and including the creation of the world's first quartz watch in 1969.


Choose. Change. Create.

Stuller, Inc. was founded by Matt Stuller in 1970. From our manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, we provide JUST IN TIME delivery of more than 200,000 different items to over 40,000 jewelry professionals throughout the world.

Victor Corporation

The Victor Corporation is a manufacturer of fine jewelry, specializing in unique and attractive bridal and fashion styles that appeal to an exceptionally wide range of jewelry buyers.  Founded in 1946, Victor sources diamonds and gemstones from the world’s stone cutting centers and produces an elegant line of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants that fill retail jewelry showcases throughout the United States and Canada.

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C's of Diamond Quality

Clarity- the visual apperance of inclusions and blemishes.
Carat- A unit of mass used for measuring Gemstones and pearls.
Color- The hue and intensity of a diamond's coloration can detract from, or enhance its value
Cut- The symmetry, or proportioning, of a diamond.



At Jewelcraft jewelers, we take pride in offering our customers the best and largest selection of fine jewelry possible. 

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